Work Samples

Here I have collected various examples of library-related work I have done through library school and my positions. Almost everything here is available as a PDF (a couple have different file types). Unless otherwise noted, they are released under a CC-BY-SA license.

Voices of September 11th

Work created during MLS Degree

  • Research Proposal - My capstone project for my MLS degree was a proposal to study the degree of librarian-faculity collaboration in the Connecticut State Universities and community colleges.
  • Instructional Design - I designed a one-shot instructional course using the Naugatuck Valley Community College library catalog for my instructional design course.
  • Internship Report - End of semester report accounting for my semester-long internship with the reference and instructon department at Naugatuck Valley Community College.
  • Technology Plan (Part 1 & Part 2) - Assignment from my Technologies in Library course designing a technology plan for an academic library.
  • Environmental Scan - An environmental scan of academic libraries in 2011.
  • Academic Libraries Term Paper - A study of change management practices in academic libraries
  • Collection Evaluation - A limited collection evaluation of the library science section of an academic library. (Including initial assessment document)

Miscellaneous Work Samples

  • Handheld Libraries 101 - The accompanying website for the poster session presented by Catherine Kosturski and I at the 2011 ACRL Conference in Phildelphia, PA.
  • Research Database - A rudimentary database system I created in MS Access to help track research sources and notes for large scale research projects. Anyone is welcome to use this and (hopefully) improve it. If you do make adjustments, please send me a copy of your revised system.